How to make your own CBD cosmetics at home


We put together quick and easy recipes you can do at home, for all of you who want to make the natural ointment for themselves and their loved ones. 

1. CBD Face scrub with sugar

1.1 Recipe 1 using CBD oil and sugar

In a glass pot, add a teaspoon of brown sugar then add few drops of IDIR CBD Oil. Mix well then apply to the face. 

Use your fingers to gently massage your face for 2 minutes. Use a wet clean towel to remove the scrub then apply a face moisturiser. We recommend using Serenity, our full-spectrum CBD Aloe Vera moisturiser.

1.2 Recipe 2 using CBD balm and salt

You can also use Idir CBD balm, mixed with rose water and a teaspoon of clay and a teaspoon of salt. Mixe it all together in a bowl then apply to your face. Massage gently using the same movements as in the video. Then wash with cold water. 

2. CBD Face Moisturise

Put 2 spoons of aloe vera gel in a glass jar, add a few drops of IDIR CBD Oil, stir until you see it’s mixed well. Apply on your face, leave for 5min then clean your face using a clean wet towel.

Please note, these recipes have to be consumed on the same day of preparation. Do not store or reuse. 

3. CBD Face and Body Balm 

In a stainless pot, dissolve coconut butter and beeswax. Mix well then leave to cool. 

When the mixture is slightly cool add IDIR CBD Oil drops. While the mixture is cooled but still liquid, pour into a clean jar and store in a refrigerator.

 If you can not deal with making your CBD skin balm yourself, you can simply buy it HERE.

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